A downloadable Siren Head for Windows

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you will find that this is a short 5 min game that will demand a fair bit form your PC

~credits to slimyswampghost the original creator of this character~

regarding creative permissions see here

Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars
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GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsHorror, Walking simulator


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SirenHead.7z - Via DropBox

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is this a UE4 game?


Thanks for the model link!

Hey, I'm looking for a new horror game to play, but I don't do well with jumpscares- does this have any?

Not bad but didn't really have an objective.

This is game is terrifying


bro this game rilly good and in my child hood im sleeping this is my real night mare this is the littiliry night mare thx for this game dude

I made a video about this short game

Which Sirenhead game is this? The PS1 Style? Or The One That Is Just Where You Run Away From Him?

Game does lag a lot got better the more I played though. I'm confused do you get caught by the sirenhead and that's it our is there more to the game?

Did play it, recorded it but failed. Game just lagged like mad when i watched what i had recorded. On my computer it ran perfectly fine tho, but again, could not record. Spoke about it right at the beggining of the first game. It was well done but it should really have an options menu or an actual menu to orient the player, right at the start.Would love to try and record again once we can mess up with quality to be able to stream it.

Just a quick glance in 17:21 SirenHead by adexin in

this was great. the aesthetic was so good in that spooky way. This is the mood that i feel siren head should create. Hope you enjoy the video. 

Your game starts at 3:12

I tried playing this, but, in my computer everything went smooth and all but on record the video got way too laggy... So i'm sorry but without options for quality control, i cannot show off this game on my channel...
Maybe i will show some others made by you in the future? or if this gets an update for quality control, i will replay this with much pleasure! good job on this one!

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The first game I played in my video! Graphically the game is nice, and the atmosphere was spooky, but the FPS was terrible, definitely needs some optimization, and there wasn't really much substance to the game. It would be cooler if it was more fleshed out. I think sirenhead shows up way too soon as well. There wasn't really much suspension and tension built up.


Much love to the creator of this one my comments wont mean shit I mean you got pewdiepie to play it but over all very scary and mysterious I wonder if there is an actually ending but sadly my system crashed every time but despite that I will say its worth a play in my book despite being slow paced if that is not your thing heads up Its still good  

Even though i am very bogged down with class work i do still read all the comments daily, and I'm super grateful for all the people coming to check this out!

Though busy I'm currently working my hardiest to expand this to a full game, I cant promise any exact time frame, but its still on the way as i find spare time.

Thanks for checking this out! And I Hope you will check the new one too once it comes out!



AHH! I had to survive a double-cornering chase with TWO Siren Heads because I messed up at the beginning of the game! One Siren Head is a lot, but TWO?!

YOUTUBER: Maya, The Bubble E1 (Subscribe today to.. two... WHY THE FRICK ARE THERE TWO SIREN HEADS?!)

Spooky!! Double the trouble, double the fun.


Loved this!


Totally hooked on this new creation. (2nd game in the video!)

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(Start 10:35). THERE'S TWO OF THEM?!!?

Deleted post

It runs very slow on my laptop, I wish there was a way to turn down the graphics so it could run faster.


Siren Head pour les french


Pretty creepy and looks awesome! Starts at 4:47.


Really well done!! The game looks absolutely amazing! I’m personally a very big fan of Siren Head and I really enjoyed this short Siren Head experience! I’d love to see a full like this!

ehi, io sono italiano, volevo dirvi che anche noi in italia abbiamo iniziato  giocare a Siren Head e per una prova vi mando questo video di Gabby16bit un noto Youtuber qui in Italiahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r8fqW6vjHy4&t=37s




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Thank you for a great game! I would really love to see an extended version, or more of this! Great work

Honestly I enjoyed it! It may be short but its style really adds to the atmosphere. Do you think you'll do more?

Yup, looks like it's time to die... Again.

Cool cool cool. 

Short and sweet. 

Deleted post

Ohmagurd! Dat was totally awesomes. Siren Head super spooks.

Nice Graphics!

Deleted post

I don't get it, but hey... who am I? Check it out:

Honestly really creepy, loved the Easter Egg! 6:30

VERY short, but a nice start. The game looks really good.

Very good looking game! I would love to see more development for this! Definitely had potential to be a full game if not at least a 30 min game!

Game starts in the beginning of the video. :)

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